The truth about ibuyers

The Truth About iBuyers

What is an iBuyer?

These are primarily online companies that allow you to request an offer for your home sight unseen. If you accept, the company will purchase the home, list it and then sell it to someone else. Typically the offer is lower than what you’d get from the market.

Who’s Involved?

Mostly online companies-Zillow, Redfin and Opendoor have their own iBuyer programs. Keller Williams is the brick-and-mortar brokerage to jump onboard.

Share of the Market in 2018

  • 0.2% – 25,000 iBuyer transaction
  • 5.34 million – Existing Homes Sold in 2018

What Sets Your Siven Premier Real Estate Pro Apart?
Exceptional Service and Care

  • The home selling process can be stressful. Real Estate agents absorb that stress so you don’t have to, going above and beyond to make it an enjoyable experience

Sharp Negotiation Skills

  • Your real estate pro’s sharp negotiation skills will get you a fair and competitive price on your home, giving you a little more cash to put towards your next place.

Transparency Throughout the Transaction

  • Real estate tech can’t replace the transparency that comes from working with an actual person! An agent keeps you updated and informed during every step of the selling process

If you have any questions about iBuyer or any other current real estate happenings, give us a call! We will be happy to provide some context and walk you through the latest developments.

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