Magnolia Creek Homes Now Available for Sale

Magnolia Creek Homes are now available for purchase in Riverview, Florida. The community offers a unique opportunity to personalize your new home according to your preferences. You can choose from various layout options, exterior styles, design choices, and even select your preferred location within the community.

Standout features of Magnolia Creek Homes are:

  • Property under consideration does not entail any Community Development District (CDD) fees. CDDs are a form of special government framework that developers and local governments use to pass on the costs of infrastructure development, maintenance, and other improvements to the homeowners in the area. By offering CDD-free homes, Magnolia Creek Homes provide an attractive option for those seeking to avoid this type of additional expense.
  • In addition, Magnolia Creek Homes also offer waterfront homesites, providing a beautiful and calming atmosphere with stunning natural scenery. Waterfront properties offer a unique opportunity to enjoy a relaxing environment, surrounded by the sounds of the water and natural landscapes. Homeowners can also take advantage of private or shared docks to enjoy various water activities such as kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, or canoeing.

Moreover, owning a waterfront property can also provide investment opportunities,  allowing homeowners to rent out their properties for extra income when they are not in use. This additional income can help offset expenses such as mortgage payments, utility bills, and insurance premiums.

  • Upcoming Amenities Center to Feature a Pool and Cabana. Homeowners with backyard pools often enjoy hosting pool parties for guests. By incorporating a pool house cabana into the backyard design, guests can be confined to the pool area. The cabana can provide a restroom for guests, and additional space for serving drinks and food, without the need to monitor guests’ movements through the home.
  •  Zoned for Hillsborough County Public Schools, which are highly rated. Choosing the right school district is a critical decision when it comes to purchasing a home, and Hillsborough County Public Schools boasts a reputation for academic excellence. When you purchase a property zoned for these highly-rated schools, you can rest assured that your children will receive a quality education.
  •  Minutes to I-75 and US-301. Strategically located near major highways, properties near transportation hubs are highly sought after by both residential and commercial buyers. Recent studies show that property values in close proximity to transportation hubs can be up to 30% higher than those further away. Additionally, utilizing public transportation can save time and money on commuting, providing an economically sustainable and efficient alternative to owning a car.
  • Proximity to Convenient Amenities. Living in close proximity to a popular shopping, dining, and entertainment district along US-301 provides easy access to essential establishments for daily needs. With supermarkets and hardware stores nearby, you can quickly get the necessary supplies and tools for household repairs.

Living near a bustling commercial hub like Riverview, Florida also offers opportunities to pursue diverse interests and hobbies. Whether it be visiting a salon, grabbing a coffee at a nearby café, or catching the latest blockbuster movie, the options are endless. This can be particularly advantageous when seeking new and exciting date spots or hanging out with friends and family on weekends.

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