Limbo Fun at the Annual Client & Community Appreciation Event, Sponsored by JP Handyman LLC!

Mark your calendars this August 6th as JP Handyman LLC, the premier home improvement and property maintenance company, has sponsored our Limbo contest!

Who is JP Handyman LLC?

JP Handyman LLC is a reputable and reliable home improvement company. They take pride in serving both commercial and residential customers. With a wealth of experience in the industry, they have established themselves as the go-to professionals for a wide range of services.

There services includes repairs, renovations, property maintenance, room additions, kitchen/bath renovations, or installation services. Their team of skilled experts are dedicated to delivering top-notch results.

Join Us for Limbo Fun!

At this year’s annual Client & Community Appreciation Event, JP Handyman LLC is thrilled to sponsor the Limbo contest. Adding an element of playful competition to the festivities.

Limbo is an exciting game that tests your flexibility and balance. As you attempt to pass under a lowered horizontal pole without touching it or falling over. It’s an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills and have a blast with family, friends, and neighbors.

Annual Client and Appreciation Event: A Time for Gratitude

The Annual Client and Appreciation Event, scheduled on August 6th, is a special occasion that holds significant importance for JP Handyman, LLC.

It provides an opportunity for the company to express its gratitude to the community and its valued clients. By being a sponsor of this event, the company hopes to strengthen its relationship with the community and further showcase its commitment to giving back.

The annual Client & Community Appreciation Event promises  a fantastic day of celebration, friendship, memories and FUN. And not just FUN but LIMBO FUN!

We encourage everyone to come and enjoy the event. Learn more about our exceptional services, and join in the festivities. See you on August 6th for an unforgettable experience. Register here!