Kris Radermacher

Kris Radermacher to Light Up the Annual Family Cookout with Heartwarming Face Painting

This year’s event promises to be even more special, thanks to Kris Radermacher of K2K Mortgage! On August 6th, Kris will be sponsoring a delightful face painting activity, adding a splash of color and joy to the festivities.

A Palette of Vibrant Colors With Face Painting!

Face painting has an extraordinary ability to captivate your heart and awaken your imagination. With a few strokes of a brush and a palette of vibrant colors, face painters can transform faces into their favorite superheroes, princesses, animals, and mythical creatures. It is a chance to step into a world of make-believe, and imaginations.

Kris Radermacher

Kris Radermacher Floridian at Heart!

Kris Radermacher is a native of Virginia Beach and a Floridian at heart. She knows the importance of fostering a sense of joy and community spirit. Through her company, K2K Mortgage, she has consistently sought opportunities to give back to the community.

The decision to sponsor face painting at the annual family cookout aligns perfectly with his vision of creating magical moments for people and families.

For Kris, the essence of face painting lies in the smiles it brings to participants. She understands that it is the little things, the simple acts of kindness, that leave an indelible mark on the heart. Face painting has the power to do just that – to ignite happiness and to create an atmosphere of togetherness.

The face painting activity at the annual family cookout will not only bring joy but strengthen the bond of participants. It will be a chance to bond over shared admiration for the creativity and talent. Through this event, Kris aims to create lasting memories and strengthen the sense of community.

Join Us!

Get ready for a day of fun, laughter, and mouthwatering delicacies! As we come together to celebrate the spirit of community and togetherness. The annual family cookout promises an unforgettable experience for all ages, with exciting games, activities, and plenty of delicious treats to indulge in. Register here!